March 23rd Daily Cheer

It’s a bit after midnight but I promised I’d get this in- I’m not going crazy with formatting and stuff tonight but I’ll type it up anyway. 🙂


Heart melody is the kind of music which every one can make if he will. It does not depend on some special gift, or upon external art or training possessed most by few, and which we may have or be without, but it does depend on the state of the sympathies, of the imagination, of the whole inner contents of this spiritual world of ours, made to bring forth melody, and provded, in the spirit of God and the word of Christ, with the remedy in case it needs healing.Because it is spiritual, it is something which nothing external can effect. It is not a matter of our surroundings. It cannot be drowned by the noises of the marketplace, nor the cries of wild beasts at Ephesus, nor the roaring of flames in Rome. Prison walls cannot smother it up and the chains cannot break it up, for at midnight, Paul and Silas sang in their stocks and the prisoners heard them.

-C.O. Doug.


His gracious presence upon earth

Was as fire upon a hearth

As pleasant songs at morning sung

The words that dropped from his sweet tongue

Strengthened our hearts, or heard at night

Made all our slumbers soft and light.

-Henry W. Longfellow


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