My House

I happened to recall that there’s a lot of old daily prompt from before I made this blog, and I thought I’d scroll through them for fun. I ran into one that was something I didn’t want to pass up so now I’m writing a post on it. 🙂

In response to this old daily prompt.


I spent my first 12 years of life in a small brown house on a one-and-a-half lane road.

The interesting thing about it was that the house WAS the state line between Michigan and Indiana. Literally. The middle of the road right in front of the house was the state line. When we looked out the front windows we looked at the next state over.

There’s at least twenty-five lakes with the same name as the one I’m discussing, because we did live pretty much on a lake. When we looked out the back windows we saw a few houses that were on the lake. I won’t say what lake because the whole world doesn’t need to know exactly where I lived, but still.

It wasn’t a real house, it was a manufactured home. For those who don’t know, that’s when they build a house in a factory in halves, and they put the halves on trucks and drive them to your property where you’ve either set up a park-style cinder-block foundation or poured a crawlspace, slab or basement, and they set the house in. They join the two halves together and hook the house up to electric and water and stuff and then you have a house.

It was a single story, three bedroom, two bathroom house. It was too small for us really, but we went with it for that long before moving anyway.

Originally it was a 90s house. Carpet everywhere, flowered wallboard, shiny gold trim and white and black screen doors. It was on an acre of land, and half-way in the country- surrounded by a lake and cornfields but, being by the lake, there were lots of small cabins around. We had three other manufactured homes for neighbors on one side and no neighbors on the other side- just a garage belonging to someone who owned a cabin on the lake.

It was calmly decorated- after I was about 10 we started renovating it, put in laminate wood floors, tore down the wallboard and put up drywall and painted, gave the house a new look. We stuck to browns and greens and yellows- light pastel colors and some warm tones. With the house updated, we started to sell it. It took a year but a Hollywood guy, who does lighting for shows like Dancing With The Stars and The X Factor, bought it for a vacation home, since it had deeded access to the lake behind it, even though it wasn’t on the water.

It usually smelled like the cornfields across the road, but sometimes it smelled like the lake, or a scented candle if my Mom was burning one.

Our air conditioner didn’t work, and when it got in the high 80s-90s it was like an OVEN in the house and we spent the day outside in the shade sweating.

It was often quiet because we usually didn’t have TV service, but usually Mom played bluegrass junction, an XM radio station, all the time, which is what we heard.


So what’s your “first house” that you lived in like?


2 thoughts on “My House

    1. Cass W. says:

      Ahh, cool. Actually most the people I know don’t remember their first house… 🙂 My cousin’s favorite trick when they would visit was to walk down the road bow-legged and yell about how they were in two states at once. 😉

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