A Name Means…

In response to this weekly writing challenge


You have a name, and so do I, and so does most everyone or thing. But what do they mean?

The weekly challenge asked a few questions in order, so before I go nuts on that subject I’ll answer them, in order.

My name is Cass, for those who don’t know.

However, I will admit that my REAL, legal name, is actually… wait for it…Cassidy.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that name. I just like Cass better.

The definition of Cassidy is:

In Gaelic the meaning of the name Cassidy is: Clever.

In Welsh the meaning of the name Cassidy is: Curly-headed.

In Irish the meaning of the name Cassidy is: Intelligent; from Caiside; curly-headed.

My name is seen as a boy’s name by most because in the early 1900s it WAS a boy’s name, that soon became okay for either gender. I admit to being slightly curly haired but the jury’s still out on clever and intelligent. 😉

I like the name and most people in real call me that but I like going by Cass more- I introduce myself to people by that name.

I choose names based on what names sounds like it fits best. I name my characters that way, I named stuffed animals that way when I was younger. I named a book character Daisy Mae, for example, because I wanted a cheerful, girly, and plucky character.

I named my dog, in the short period I had a dog, Reese. His ears looked like the ends had been dipped in chocolate, but he was otherwise white and tan so I couldn’t call him chocolate- I called him Reese.

I don’t like name stereo types. People say you can’t name characters something like… Phoebe because it’s a name for old women. How do you know? I think  you should know the character rather than know the name. In real life there’s probably a few young Phoebes so who says there can’t be any in a book? Just a thought.

Anyway, that’s what names mean to me.


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