Stupid People

Okay, this a subject you could get yourself flamed for going into depth on, but hear me out.

Actually, I think a lot of the people who we go around and call “stupid” actually aren’t stupid at all. They’re just so different from us that we can’t really perceive who they are.

I’m not pulling the card accusing everyone of hating people unlike them. Those sorts of persons do exist but I’m not counting them in my theory because I think that’s a childish practice. Rather I’m saying it’s a natural occurrence when you have so many different individuals in the world, each a different type in typology and each very different from the next even when their types match.

Let’s say that I’m a famous guitarist (stop laughing now, we’re pretending remember?) and you’re a famous fashion model. You’re talking about something with an interviewer and the subject can be related to guitar players. Let’s say you hosted a fund raiser I played at. You are talking about it at the interview and you say one of the stupidest things about what I do, how my job works, how I work, etc. It’s obvious to most any of my fans, as well as many of yours, that what you said was the most stupid thing ever said about a guitarist. No one could be that ignorant about something, they say.

However, while many people in the media or in their houses would say you’re stupid, I wouldn’t say that.

Ignorance is an issue but not a reason to insult your intelligence. You’re not dumb, you’re different than me. You don’t have a reason to know about guitarists and the music industry. You’re a model. You have other things to worry about- and I can’t exactly say anything, because it’s not like I know the most obvious things about models either. And for the record if people think you’re a good looking model, you’ve already got something over me. 😉

Of course that’s just one example- a verbal gaffe. But this extends on to other things.

That guy you work with who screws everything up. You think he’s stupid because he’s not good at paperwork and he can’t type and he often messes up the computers and has verbal mistakes that might be embarrassing if anyone mentioned them to him.

But to say he was stupid would imply that he couldn’t do anything right. But what do you know about that? What if he’s a really good mechanic. Maybe he could beat you at basketball with his eyes closed. Maybe he could solve a calculus problem with half half his brain tied behind his back. Unless you have observed him at every possible activity, you can’t really say he’s stupid.

I mean, fleeting teasing, jokes that are good natured about people you know will take them well, etc, those are nothing. But really, it’s just not rational (to me anyway) to honestly believe someone is totally stupid unless… you know… they’re just unable to do anything at all…. which I doubt or they wouldn’t be alive. :-p

Oh well. That’s just my thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Stupid People

  1. rose says:

    i like this 🙂 very ture 😉 never judge a book by its cover, we were all put here for some reason (each of us is important) , so maybe if your not good at one thing, theres always somehthing else your beta at 🙂

    1. Cass W. says:

      Exactly! And thanks for stopping by!! 🙂 If you judge yourself by what you cannot do you’ll never get anywhere.
      Hmm. I wonder if you’ve scrolled down far enough on this blog’s front page to see the post I made all about you?…. scary right? lol. 😉

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