Blame It On The Bluegrass

In response to this daily prompt


In my household there was (and still is) bluegrass music. You know- guitars, 5-string banjos, mandolins, upright bass, etc etc. All acoustic stuff. Harmony…. all the “hillbilly cliches” that I actually don’t have a problem with.

My Mom listens to that primarily. My Dad doesn’t care what he listens to as long as it isn’t pop or rap… it’s just background noise to him. Naturally, I have been a bluegrass girl before although the introduction to classic rock when I was like nine did it for me.

So, yeah. I don’t mind bluegrass now but really I’m for just…. classic rock now. I don’t listen to bluegrass anyway.


10 thoughts on “Blame It On The Bluegrass

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