Your Daily Cheer for Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Leaving the past behind, asking no praises, pay or reward, submitting ourselves to the grand law of the world, turning the way of faith and hope, giving ourselves to the nearest present duty, asking ourselves only what does right or truth or love bid, we thus enter into the joyful life of children of God.
-Charles F. Dole.
Just to leave in His dear hand
Little things ;
All we cannot understand,
All that stings,
Just to let Him take the care
Sorely pressing,
Finding all we let Him bear
Changed to blessing.
-Frances R. Havergal.
To feel, though no tongue can prove,
That every cloud that spreads above
And veileth love, itself is love.
-Alfred Tennyson.
Credit “Your Daily Cheer” by M. Allette Ayers. Typed from the book by me, all formatting seen made to match the original, including seeming grammatical/spelling errors. Remember some words that existed in 1904 don’t actually mean anything or have definition that is understood by the dictionary anymore. 😉 I’m not sure what some of the sources are, or if they still exist as the authors, but if you can figure it out more power to you. I’m just copying it.

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