Your Daily Cheer for Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Comfort One Another

Comfort one another,

For the way is often dreary,

And the feet are often weary,

And the heart is very sad.

There’s a heavy burden bearing

When it seems that none are caring

And we half forget that ever we were glad

Comfort one another

With the hand clasp close and tender,

Withe the sweetness love can render

And the looks of friendly eyes.

Do not wait with grace unspoken,

While life’s daily bread is broken-

Gentle speech is oft like manna from the skies.

-Margaret Sangster.


A single word is a little thing,

But a soul may be dying before your eyes

For lack of the comfort a word may bring,

With its welcome help and its sweet surprise.

A kindly look costs nothing at all,

But a heart may be starving just for one glance,

That shall show by the eyelids’ tender fall

The help of a pitying countenance.

-C. F. Richardson.


Credit “Your Daily Cheer” by M. Allette Ayers. Typed from the book by me, all formatting seen made to match the original, including seeming grammatical/spelling errors. Remember some words that existed in 1904 don’t anymore. 😉 I’m not sure what some of the sources are, but if you can figure it out more power to you. I’m just copying it.


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