Your Daily Cheer for Sunday, March 16th, 2014

The Inner Life

Purer than the purest fountain,

Wider than the widest sea,

Sweeter than the sweetest music,

Is God’s love in Christ to me.

Why love me so?

I do not know ;

I only know

That nothing less than love divine

Could save this sinful soul of mine.

-James McLeod.


Vessels to honor, made sacred and holy

Meet for use of the Master we love,

Ready for service all simple and lowly,

Ready, one day, for the temple above.

Take all Thy vessels, O glorious Finer,

Purge all the dross, that each chalice may be

Pure in Thy pattern, completer, diviner,

Filled with Thy glory, and shining for Thee.

-Frances R. Havergal.


Credit “Your Daily Cheer” by M. Allette Ayers. Typed from the book by me, all formatting seen made to match the original.


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