Random Thought #2

Yep, number 2. I said it would be interesting if I numbered them.

For the record I’ve had more but none worth posting till just now.


Did you ever notice how corruptible everything is?

Actors, musicians, comedians, dancers, every “fame-seeking” and so-called “glamorous” profession out there is full of awful things. Corruption. Alcohol and women and drugs and so many incredibly stupid things.

I was thinking of a chorus to a song the other day.

You wanna do what we do?

Well walk this way

Trouble is there’s only so many hours in a day

You wanna do this too?

Well jump right in

Just try not to get yourself addicted to sin

As in, if I was a successful band member, it’s like saying “hey, if you wanna do this, the music’s amazing, here’s not enough music and “magic power” of it in here, but if you wanna jump in, don’t be stupid and go for all the temptations.”

Just a random thought.

Don’t ever become one of those things for fame or money. You have to be one because you love IT in itself because sometimes the love of IT will all you have and you’ll have no other answer to the question of why you are doing that. At least that’s my observation.


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