Normal Is Overrated

It is, the more you think about it. Normal is very overrated.

To bring typology into this, the majority of females are either ESFJs or ISFJs. (source).

The INTP, or me, is very different from those types…. In fact ESFJs are the polar opposite type to the INTP, and the stereotypical female seems to correspond to the ESFJ. Are openly emotional, worry about how they look, can make friends with a post if they try, want to go out with guys, have a ton of friends, love going out to parties and stuff, enjoy using social media, and in general, are “girly girls.” I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with any one of those traits, I’m just saying that if you want the stereo type of the woman, that’s it.

But many people are not ESFJs, and still can fit the stereotype enough to not stand out. If it wasn’t a popular observation, it wouldn’t have become a stereotype in other words- so most girls fit things enough.

But then there’s people who really stand out and don’t fit it at all. I would say INTP, INTJ, INFJ, and possibly ISTP types would probably go against the grain.

Basically, I was leading up to saying that “normal” does not exist, it’s just a majority rule of Extroverts, Sensers, Feelers, and Judgers in America and likely other places too.

You don’t need to be like them. You can’t change your type anyway so even if you did you wouldn’t be happy. Sometimes standing out is a good thing- be different if you are that way.

So…. that. It’s worth it, from what I can see.

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