Introverts Appearing As Extroverts: Online

Actually, it does happen. A lot of people would think that I’m an extrovert, when in fact I’m not.

I think any introvert appears as an extrovert online.

In fact, introverts would rather listen than talk, think before speaking, stay out of the center of attention unless there’s a third thing to split their attention with, and they often don’t approach people because they don’t have the desire to do so and they may be unsure of how or what to do when they get the inclination.

On the internet, You have all the time in the world to think, so no one knows whether you think while speaking or before speaking. No one knows if you’d rather listen than talk since the internet is full of the written word and writing is unrelated to talking and listening. The whole approaching people thing isn’t relevant, because in real life introverts spend energy around people and need time alone to recharge- interacting with people online doesn’t use energy and in fact you can do it while alone and recharging from real life interaction. You don’t need to worry so much about whether people will misinterpret your social skills or attempts at your minimal need for interaction.

Therefore, it is easy to seem like an extrovert on the internet. I admit that being more chatty and more willing to “try” things (like jokes, sarcasm, and other things I stop myself from saying in real life) in an online “social” situation.

Many people probably have assumed I’m an extrovert online before, so maybe that clears it up.

This is pretty simple, but when I feel more ambitious I will cover something more complicated, which is when introverts seem like extroverts in real life.


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