What Does Age Mean?

In response to this weekly challenge


Age means what?

To me, it means a number and nothing more.

A lot of girls worry about age. They worry about getting old. They worry about their friends getting old. They worry about what happens to themselves and their friends when they’re old.

Me on the other hand, the most I can say is I’d rather be old than be the alternative.

Getting old means you have more wrinkles, less hair, less color in your hair, and less agility. It doesn’t mean anything different happens about you- you are still you, inside the thing that ages on the outside, but what’s inside doesn’t have to age.

Look at how many people are “old”. Everyone in the band Styx is “old” and they sure don’t act like it… look at comedians/actors like Steven Wright or Colin Mocherie….. they’re still hilarious and they’re so-called “old”.

Old is just a word that describes what happens to a body, but what happens to YOU is far from old.


There’s my two cents…. (or is it sense?)

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