If I Had A Band

I was thinking earlier about how I’d like to have a band and how if I had one I’d like to be the one to name it. So I started having some fun coming up with a name, and I think I have one.

Originally when people asked me that I said I would want to name a band Fantasy. That’s not the case anymore but I would like to say why that is.
What is music to you?
To me, music is just that- a fantasy. It’s something that you can lose yourself in. It makes everything better. Like the lyrics to the song Magic Power- it’s the magic power of the music:
She climbs into bed, she pulls the covers overhead, and she turns her little radio on
She’s had a rough day, so she hopes the DJ, is gonna play her favorite song
It makes her feel much better, brings her closer to her dreams
A little magic power makes it better than it seems
Or in another Triumph song, also written by Rik Emmett, called Hold On:
Music holds the secret, to know it can make you whole
It’s not just a game of notes, it’s the sounds inside your soul
The magic of the melody runs through you like a stream
And the notes that play flow through your head like a dream
I sing this song for the common man, for the people in despair
I bring my song into the world and I sing it everywhere
A simple truth lies waiting here for everyone to share
So hold on… and I will take you there!
That’s what music means to me and those sets of lyrics say it better than I can.
Anyway, if I was picking a name for a band I’d want a name that reflected that, so naturally I would want a name that showed how enveloping music is. The name I could think of was Fantasy.
The trouble is that all the one-word-names are gone and there’s already some band out there called Fantasy. So what would I call it?
I went searching for other one word names. I tried Fantasia but that was taken. So I looked for synonyms for fantasy. Dream was taken, as was Dream Machine, and so was Daydream. Hallucination really didn’t covey the same musical message that I’d wanted either. Fool’s Paradise could have been a cool name but again, didn’t convey the message. 
And then I saw a phrase,  “Flight of Imagination”. That phrase would never work but reminded me of something else.
Wasn’t there another saying like that? Oh yes… flight of fancy. Flight of fancy means… what?
A temporary escape of the mind; sometimes a pipe dream. This idiom uses flight in the sense of “a soaring of the imagination”.
That seemed to fit quite well. Trouble is “Flight of Fancy” doesn’t sound so hot. However, bring that whole Fantasy thing back in and you get…
Flight Of Fantasy!
So there you have it. Flight Of Fantasy is what I would name my band if/when I started one. 🙂
What would you name yours? Comment!

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