Everything is hard

It is.


You’re probably like, “Okay… and your proof would be what and your point would be… what?”

Well, it’s just a random thought I had is all. Everything is hard. But people come in so many different combinations of types, [referring to the different forms of typology], personal types [like favorite colors or foods], and mindsets [not sure I can break that one down] that even though everything is hard, some people can’t believe it’s hard and others really can.

I find computers easy. They run in patterns, usually logical, though subtle, patterns, and my mind is pattern-oriented, so I don’t think computers are generally hard. I find them easy.

But to other people they are hard. People whose minds don’t work in patterns have trouble with them, I have noticed.

This seems to be the same reason that we practice something-we try to shape ourselves until our skill set can take all the hard out of something. People who suck at one thing are better at something else and this balances it out, because everything is hard.

Just a piece of advice I guess. It’s not easy, even though some things may seem so to you, so yeah… remember that everything is hard.

What good’ll that do you? I don’t know. But I like it anyway, so follow it.


Also I’m not doing a daily prompt today cause It’s not something I know anything about. 😉

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