Best Friends

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If I have to pick an acquaintance for a best friend, I think I’ll pick someone whom I’ve never met in person, and maybe never will although it would be awesome. She lives in New Zealand and I live in America and it was a fluke of the internet that we ran into each other once.. or twice.

Remember how I mentioned that game called Howrse? Well, the top ranked player at the time had been so for years. She was Howrse’s biggest celebrity and everyone knew her username. Every player that wants one on this game can have a message forum of their own to moderate. This player’s was a rocking forum. It was THE hangout for Howrse players, there was people posting right and left 24/7, is how popular and big this forum was.

One of the many fun topics that this top player had was called “Guess the song”. You posted all or some of the lyrics to a song, and if you felt like it a hint or two, and the person below you had to guess the song and then post their own. If they had no clue they could pass and post theirs.

Well, I posted the lyrics to a Triumph song first time ever- Fight The Good Fight. No one guessed it. I tried Toto’s Hold The Line- No one guessed it. My classic rock tastes meant I knew none of the modern pop songs they were posting and they knew nothing of the classic rock songs I was posting, so the game wasn’t working out too well.

Then I posted Survivor- Eye Of The Tiger. Someone guessed it!

That someone had a picture of Jimmy Page for their avatar, and Led Zeppelin mentioned in their username, and I admit to immediately assuming that whoever they were they were probably a guy and older than me.

Now this player started guessing everything I wrote, INCLUDING Triumph songs, which really caught my eye since Triumph is my favorite band and they seem to be un-recognized by everyone I’ve met, even those into classic rock.

When I posted a list of my top ten bands in the FT “What bands to you listen to most right now?” and this player responded, telling me I had AWESOME taste in music, it really piqued my curiosity.

I visited their page and was astounded to find that they loved classic rock, including all the bands I love and more, (so do i!) they played guitar and ukulele (so do I!) and they love old muscle cars like Novas and Barracudas and Chevelles… (so do I!).

I contemplated the idea of PMing them then. I’m a reserved person, and I’m never sure of myself when it comes to social stuff, and I wasn’t sure how a random PM would be taken by someone I didn’t know.

I did it though, PMed the player telling them how surprised I was that our interests were almost twins and about a few other things. I got a somewhat enthusiastic and encouraging reply only a few minutes later, and since it was a friendly reply I got my confidence up enough to reply again, and I got another nice reply so I replied again… and pretty soon it was two months later and we were still talking.

And it was then I remembered we didn’t know each other’s names so I introduced myself and then the player introduced themselves and I realized… that this person was a girl. I had assumed they were a boy, actually, but for no reason other than I didn’t remember reading that part of their presentation to be honest.

So a while after that, I inquired if a switch away from Howrse- email- would be acceptable and it was, in fact she didn’t have an email account yet and was nice enough to make one just so I could email her.

So in general we’re a year apart in age, we have the same interests, and I’m lucky I talked myself into messaging her. πŸ™‚

The prompt also asks how it is we’re still friends.

Well, the truth is because it’s easy. One of the reasons I can honestly say that I know NO ONE in real life, is because friendships seem to take so much work and they often have strings attached, and here was a friendship that could sustain a month of my forgetting to reply when I did reply get a no questions asked response anyway. It’s an easy thing for me, which I’ve never been able to pull off in real life, so… that’s why I guess.

Anyway, a shout to my best friend! ❀

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