Wishy Washy?….

In response to this Daily Prompt


I’ve decided to write a short post in resonse to the daily prompt whenever I can…. here’s a try at it. Basically, it’s to give me more topics even though I feel odd because It kinda seems like I’m discussing myself WAY too much.

Basically, the question is how stubborn are you?

Basically, the answer is not very.

…that was a rotten segue.

Anyway, I’d say I’m easy-going. I actually think I let myself get stepped on sometimes purely because I dislike drama and if it keeps things running nicely and doesn’t violate one of my soul principles of life or something, I’ll do whatever it is you want… pretty much.

For example,When I was younger, there were two kids, both of whom were younger than me, who lived a ways up the road from us. They liked to play a lot of random imaginary games, and I went a long with them. One of them was rather controlling, and she decided we were all three going to be cheerleaders preparing for a contest of cheerleading and needed to practice with me and the other girl, and her as the coach. I disliked the idea right away. First of all I felt like an idiot hopping around in the yard for no reason, especially when I was like 12. Second of all, I’m incredibly not-agile and except for halfway jumping up and down, everything cheerleaders do is Greek to me. Thirdly… I wasn’t sure I wanted her to have the power to tell me what to do. BUT I did it anyway. I know some people who would’ve said no and either quit the game or taken charge of it, but I went along and tried to be a good sport about it because I would’ve hated to create a conflict. That would be more aggravation than it was worth to just do it in the first place.

I realize that’s a really stupid example but still you get the idea.

If a core value of mine is violated, I would surprise people. I would become outspoken in a heartbeat and they totally wouldn’t get their way. I don’t do it because I dislike the feeling of conflict or that conflict stresses me out, because I don’t-  think I handle it well actually. But It’s just aggravation to deal with I don’t need.

Does that make sense?

Probably not but I was on a time constraint and you wouldn’t make that much sense at midnight either… so there. :p

Anyway, are you stubborn or go-with-the-flowy? [that’s… not a saying].

If you want to comment please don’t hold back because I don’t bite! 🙂


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