A Scatterbrained Comparison Of Extroverts & Introverts

Before I begin I’d like to start by apologizing for this extremely scatterbrained post. It’s like a whole bunch of different tangents at once… I’m not sure what happened but anyway here it is, lol.
Think about it. What do most people look for in people? They want their friends to be… wait for it…
“Fun, outgoing, friendly, energetic, cheerful, full of energy…” those are just some of the adjectives used to describe “ideal friends” these days. But WHY are those all anyone wants in a friend?
Those words all seem to describe the average extrovert. Extroverts are fine and dandy but what about introverts?
I think the world needs both of them, but in all reality most of the world doesn’t have room for introverts. 
So what are introverts? 
Introverts are quieter, less flamboyant, and often prone to express themselves through arts like writing, music, artwork, etc. They think before speaking and like to remain more on the side of the center of attention, rather than in the middle. If they do become the center of attention, they are more comfortable if there is a third thing to split their attention with- like the music they play if they’re on stage, or the person they’re being interviewed by if they’re being interviewed in front of an audience. They prefer one-on-one interaction to huge groups of people. They lose their energy around people and gain their energy alone, thus they need alone time after interacting with a lot of people. They tend to be reserved, private, and completely at ease when alone or with someone such as a partner, who doesn’t wear down their energy.
The stereotypical girl is different from reality. The stereotypical girl is loud, outgoing, fun, energetic, loves to go out with her friends… now imagine how the introverted girl stand out against the stereotype.
I’m not here to complain or whine about things being unfair. I’m just trying to point out how introverts are often considered to have a problem.
So what are extroverts exactly, you ask?
Well, they are outgoing and “the life of the party”, they like being the center of attention, and they have much more fun around people than alone. In fact they quite dislike being alone. They think as they speak, and they don’t mind putting themselves out there. They gain their energy by hanging out around people, so they do that often. They are stimulated by things from the outside, rather than things from inside (others rather than themselves). 
The thing about it is, that people think extroverts are shallow or introverts are shy- neither of which are true. There are shy extroverts and shy introverts and neither is more common than not- there are also many not-shy introverts and extroverts. There are shallow and not shallow introverts and extroverts. The type is unrelated but overall it’s….
What exactly was my point when I started? I’m not sure I remember, to be honest.
I… seem to recall wanting to compare extroverts and introverts and there was something else too, but what was it?
Oh yes, I don’t know about when I started but right now I’d like to say that one is not better than the other and there’s no one who is completely one or the other. If you were all the way I or E you’d be insane. I actually don’t know you so I don’t know if you are anyway or not but if you aren’t, and you were completely one type, you would be.
Basically, the points I was trying to make are
  • Introverts can be good friends too so don’t avoid us cause we don’t burst in and start conversations all the time- approach us! We are private and if you want to know us you have to prove we can trust you with ourselves, but once you do you’ll have a true friend. 🙂
  • Extroverts and Introverts are both good at performing and speaking in public.
  • There’s nothing wrong with either one.
  • Introverts and Extroverts are born however they are and they are wired very differently. An introvert can never be an extrovert and vice versa. So stop telling us to be more like normal people, as you call them, lol (actually no one is normal but you get the idea)
  • Finally, I guess by now you know I’m an introvert and I I’m also iNtuitive because as you can see that was the most abstract and lost thing I’ve types in a while. So why am I posting it you ask? Well, I’m not sure actually, but if you know, more power to you. 🙂

So there you have it… something or other to do with Introverts and Extroverts. lol. XD


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