Pressure and Deadlines

In response to this daily prompt

That thing called pressure. It can come from anywhere, but the kind of pressure I’m talking about involves deadlines and projects.

To be honest, I think I work… okay under pressure. Not great. I could be better at it. But I have never been known to freak out or anything. When I know someone’s counting on me I try to get a move on. Unfortunately it doesn’t always happen and I’ve let people down before, but I’m trying to improve on that.

As for deadlines, nothing motivates me like the last minute. :-p Seriously though, I don’t do much until it gets down to crunch time. Then I just go at it and get all over with all at once.

I don’t like to break things down into little bits. I can’t say “I want to finish my book in a month so I’ll write a chapter a day every day this month and see if that does it.” I just… sit down and write a TON all at once one day and then don’t write anything for weeks. One of the reasons I am not a writer by profession. πŸ™‚

I try to keep things on schedule but they rarely stay that way…

That’s my two cents on the Daily Prompt!

(is it sense or cents? Who knows…)


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