I’m an INTP.

If you don’t know what that is, I’m going to tell you.

MBTI is a tool for finding out more about yourself and others. If you don’t know what it is, I made a portal page for it. Basically, it’s a test you take which gives you a four letter type which tells you about who you are, why you are that way, and what you’re good at naturally and not good at naturally.

A lot of people argue about how dumb it is. I’ve read comment sections on other websites where people would say you can’t box them into a little personality description and all it’s good for is using it as an excuse for everything that’s wrong with you and being arrogant about the stuff you’re “good” at. I really have to disagree.

I think MBTI is just a way to understand yourself, understand you strengths and build on them and understand your weaknesses and try to use them to your advantage or something. Also… MBTI is not like, “You like this color and these fandoms and this food and you’ll think this about that”. It’s more about how you think about the things you like, not what you’ll think about the things you like. Does that make sense?

As an INTP, I just wanted to sort of identify what I find accurate and inaccurate about my description.

First of all though, since you probably didn’t read that page I linked to yet you should know what the letters stand for, so here’s the four letters in my type explained (there are of course other letters in other types).

Introverted (I)
Reserved, listen carefully, prefer solitary activities, more comfortable when alone than when around other people, get exhausted by social interaction.

Intuitive (N)
Introspective, rely on their imagination, absorbed in ideas, focus on what might happen.

Thinking (T)
Tough, follow their minds, suppress feelings, focus on objectivity and rationality.

Perceiving (P)
Probing, prefer keeping their options open, reluctant to commit, relaxed about their work, seek freedom.


Okay, so now you know that much…. MBTI is pretty darn accurate but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. I’m going to point how you can still be a type and not fit the description to the letter.

In my strengths section, I found a few accurate things. In the strengths, I agree that I am not personally threatened by conflict or criticism. Depending on how well I had thought I’d done I might be slightly miffed, but that feeling passes quickly and I can at least see the other’s persons point of view, even if I disagree. I am generally laid back and easy-going. Even when I don’t want to do something, rather than create drama, which is something I hate, I may let myself get pushed into it and just get whatever it is over with. I don’t like to be demanding, and I would sometimes prefer not to ask for other’s favors purely because I assume they really don’t care and I hate to be a bother anyway. As for the part about being richly imaginative and creative, well, I’d like to say so but I don’t really know, and even if I did I wouldn’t want to go around saying it, lol.

In my weaknesses section, they said I “have difficulty leaving bad relationships.” That I disagree with…. I have no experience in the romantic relationship department but in the friendship department if things look bleak I’ll disappear and I probably won’t regret it, or if I do it won’t last for long. That may sound harsh… but it’s true. “I’m not usually good at practical matters such as money management.” I agree that I’m not good with practical, routine matters, but money isn’t one of them. From what I’ve seen, I’m a cheapskate and definitely don’t have a spending problem. Do I need it or can I live without it? is a question I ask often. At the same time the “not naturally in tune with other’s feelings” and “tend to be suspicious or distrustful of others” are true.

So five yes and three no… not bad so far.

In the actual description, one big red flag that I’ve always disagreed with is the part about science. INTPs are supposed to be great at it, and in fact Albert Einstein was an INTP. Math, science, physics… it’s all supposed to fit in. For me though, I despise all three. I am more interested in music, writing, graphics art, etc then math and science. INTPs are known for expressing themselves with writing, which is something I enjoy as well, so that part’s not a lost cause.

MBTI is often doubted because it’s not 100% correct, but it is correct, just not to the letter- nothing’s perfect.

I’d advise you to give MBTI a try. Take this free test!

2 thoughts on “INTP

  1. exploringthroughthought says:

    I’m an xNTP but tested as an ENFP on that test. (I am almost certain I use Ti/Fe and pretty sure I use Ne/Si). I find that the perceiving functions are a bit harder to distinguish. I’m leaning towards ENTP simply because I think I show more signs of inferior Si than inferior Fe

    It has a lot of biases in it such as “kind vs. logical” for determining T vs F. This is similar to many MBTI tests. Is it that difficult to imagine someone is both kind and logical? For example, mercy vs. justice. I believe mercy is the just thing to do. I think it is better to error on the side of kindness. I think we need to recognize ourselves in the perpetrators. We need to realize they don’t need to be punished but healed and rehabilitated. I think lack of compassion is one of the biggest problems in the American justice system today. I think compassion is critical in every aspect of life. We need to see the interconnectedness of life.

    1. Cass W. says:

      Yeah, I definitely have inferior Fe. Boy can it cause me problems sometimes…
      I agree that is does have a lot of bias. Tests to me are a good thing to take in with all other info you take in by just researching on your own. They don’t speak the rule of the practice.
      Yeah online tests are rarely perfect. Out of all the ones I’ve tried, that one’s been the most accurate for the majority of people I’ve gotten to take it.
      For the record, I wish I could run into an ENTP in real life… maybe another xNTP who isn’t always holed up inside like me (E) wouldn’t think I’m insane. :p
      Umm, I agree, but… when someone does something very bad, I believe they should know that breaking the law comes with a consequence for their bad decision, not a happy ending for them. Not to say they shouldn’t get a chance at rehab, but maybe not right away.
      I’m sorry to say I’m pretty bad at that whole interconnectedness of life thing… also can’t seem to spell it… but I know what you mean. 🙂

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