My Guitar’s Got Troubles

I have a lovely Morgan Monroe acoustic-electric guitar…. or rather, had one.

It’s a red quilted-ash series guitar. They rank very well, and it plays nicely… or it did until today.

I hadn’t played it for about a week. I’d been playing my electric guitar instead. Today I took it off the hanger and laid it down in front of me across my bed for a minute as I was about to get out my picks and choose one. I didn’t get very far though. My eyes fell on this huge hump in the middle of the guitar’s top. I raised it up and looked down it towards the neck, and yikes!

The entire bridge was pulling off the guitar, and not only that but it had begun to bow the top and had even cracked it already.

I quickly de-tuned it to take the tension off the bridge and prevent any more damage but, geeze, now I’m without my amazing acoustic guitar. :-/ I still have my electric though, so I can continue to play that whilst I try to figure out what kind of guitar I can get to play until I can have mine fixed. For all I know it can’t be fixed, it may need a new top, and seeing as it’s a quilted ash top with a red finish, I don’t know how simple that’ll be. Even worse, the warranty doesn’t seem to cover that sort of damage.

That sort of thing usually happens when a guitar is exposed to extreme heat or cold, and mine was not, however the warranty people can easily say I have no proof that it wasn’t and there you go- void the warranty, which says they don’t cover temperature damage.

I have a pretty small budget, but the hunt for an acoustic is on. <.<

This is what it looked like before:


I really love the tone and it’s finish and how it plays and the action and… stuff. Sigh. Maybe it’ll be fixable. 🙂


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