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I haven’t been able to think of something good to post on this week, so I was looking through prompts to find one suitable, and found this one.


Not to drag Typology into this too much, but I’m an INFP in MBTI. INFPs usually say they don’t care about fashion, or wear black or loose casual clothes, because they don’t like to be looked at, or want to blend in, or wish to think on more important things. All of these are very good reasons, but… they’re just not me.

I’m very much my own quirky little fashionista. I know what I like when I see it, and I usually end up being attracted to the 1960s. Everything- the clothes, the jewelry, the hair, the makeup- I just adore the 1960s.

My favorite place to look at clothes is which sells “unique” clothes. This site oftentimes has my exact style. (Other times, of course…. not so much, lol).

I LOVE dresses. People act like I’m always dressing up, but to me, a dress can be quite casual. They’re comfortable, feminine, cooler in summer (the air can move around) and it’s quicker getting dressed. :p

Examples time!

I adore the following dresses…. (in the post window, they’re all in a row, but in the actual post they may be big and long and annoying… sorry about that)

Dress I like 8 Dress I like 7 Dress I like 6 Dress I like 5 Dress I like 4 Dress I like Dress I like 3 Dress I like 2 Dress I like 1

Anyway, I guess now you get the idea. I mean, I could go on… shoes… jewelry…

earrings shoes3 shoes2

But I’d rather mention what I think clothing means.

Clothing is an expression of yourself. It shouldn’t be what’s in fashion, it shouldn’t be what your friends are wearing, and it shouldn’t be what the sales lady thinks will look darling on you. Unless, of course, you like those things.

Clothes are YOU. If you like it, you should wear it. It’s really that simple.

Clothes can be used to assert a status (which I disagree with) to express one’s thoughts. They can be purchased because one can afford them, or purchased to last, or bought cheaply and for the moment. You can make them yourself or rely on the fashion industry to produce what you like. Either way, clothes make an expression- but they they don;t make the woman. Even the ugliest clothes will be pretty on a good person, and even the prettiest clothes will be ugly on a bad one. In other words, choose your side of the equation carefully… and shop on! :p

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R.I.P to The King of Blues

*I wrote this yesterday, which is why it says “today”.

Today, we lost a great musician. A great songwriter. A great man.

He himself may be no more, but that which he has created will always live on, for generations to come, continuing to both inspire the artists and soothe those who are feeling less fortunate.

He will never be forgotten, nor will what he has done for music of every genre, and the people that make it.

RIP, B.B. King.

Everything I record, I just try to sound like me and come up with songs that suit what I do, and then just go for it.
~B.B. King


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Pure Vexation

In response to this daily post


Multiplication is pure vexation

Division is just as bad

The rule of three perplexes me

And fractions drive me mad

I’ll not go into percentages

Or geometry

Areas and parameters?

Do it yourself- don’t come to me!

Addition, subtraction, and subtrahends,

I fancy it’s all just hooey

Don’t even start me on algebra

Adding the alphabet? Phooey!

Meet my arch nemesis: Mathematics.

I suck at it. I mean, of all the scores regarding my SAT I’m most concerned will be totally abysmal, it’s the math score.

I think the main reason I’m bad at it is I hate it.

Why is that?

The basic answer is math has rules. I don’t much care for rules. I wasn’t made to do that sort of thing. I mean, I know what I need to do deal with my own finances and stuff, but that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it. (The sheer amount of days during which I haven’t needed to use algebra is staggering, though).

I mean, it’s like, if you ask me to play you a song, I will. But I’ll play that song the way I play it. You’ll still recognize the song- it’ll have the same musical sound, and theme, and lyrics, and certain lines will be sung exactly the same way the original song was. But I’ll still do it the way I choose to do it, the way I interpret it, the way I see it as being.

There is no right or wrong way to play a song. As long as it’s on key and musically… y’know… musical… someone, somewhere, will like it. There is no right and wrong, black and white, in music. Just a big field of gray- and you can set up your house wherever you like in that field, and rest assured that sooner or later, you’ll have roommates.

But math doesn’t work that way.

You can ask me to do a math problem. I can do that math problem. But you’ll tell me EXACTLY how to do that problem. There’s no interpretation, no how I choose to do it, no how I see it. I must be you. I must do everything the way YOU say because you make the rules.

And you know what? I hate that. There’s no gray area, it’s all black and white, right and wrong. I disagree with that strategy, but it means nothing, because my disagreement is also wrong. There is only one correct way to do anything when it comes to math.

I really do hate that about it. I’ve never been one for anything with a “my way or the highway” mentality attached to it.

That and, of course, the inescapable fact that if it seems easy, you’re doing it wrong….


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Catching up

Sorry for this incredibly long period of time that’s been going on between posts. I’m hoping to start my post-a-week schedule- the one I USED to have- back up again here, now that it’s summer and my only prerogatives are… well, we’ll get to that.

I was going to do one of my usual delve-into-a-deep-ish-topic-and-distribute-my-useless-and-very-likely-unpopular-opinions sort of post, but I changed my mind. Instead, I’m going to tell you what I have going on right now. Then, next week, we’ll concern ourselves with what is the norm here on this blog.

At first, I didn’t want to do this because it just seemed rather self-centered of me. I mean, surely you don’t care about stuff directly related to me, right? But then my Curly Hair posts got more likes/views than anything on my blog ever has, and I decided I might as well try it.

So…. what am I doing right now?

The big thing is I’m trying to study for SATs. Being home-schooled, I can end high school sooner because I’m not waiting for 50 other kids to catch up (and I have). So I’ll be taking the SATs this November, hopefully, so that I can get into college and get an Associate’s in Office Administration. I only need it for my planned day job- receptionist. That day job is hard to get without it and it’s a job I think I would be good at and enjoy doing until I can do something musical full time.

Also required is Spanish. I’d like to learn a second language anyway (though I was planning on French, but Spanish is okay I guess lol) So I’ll be starting that over the summer. at the moment, the only sentence I can say is mi gato es no bueno, which I’m pretty sure is “my cat is no good”.

Yes, I know that makes no intellectual sense. I’m just thrilled it makes grammatical sense.

Smaller things? My Help website for the game,, which is The Book Of Howrse is really popular (oer 2000 people a day!) so I’m taking that more seriously now, devoting time to it (running a website all yourself- design, content, social media, blog, youtube channel and videos for it, comment responding, email responding, sending out the newsletter, making graphics for people, and making graphics for the site itself- take A LOT more time than you’d think) and making sure all scheduled and promised things actually do happen.

I’m of course always working on guitar and songwriting, but that’s a given.

I’m also always writing stuff. I’ve got two books to finish right now and three fanfiction pieces as well.

And… well… I’m actually DOING social media now. Like, I post daily on the two I exist on (my twitter & google+).

Over the summer, I’m gonna be building a gaming/video-photo-audio editing computer, and I may just start a gaming YouTube channel… but I’d also need a PS3 (which I plan to buy this year, as well as the PS3 games I’ve been DYING to play for years).

I also got a new laptop, which I’ll discuss in a future post, and I plan to detassle corn this summer.

So yeah.

That’s what’s going on with me now…

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In response to this daily prompt: “You, Robot.” No idea how old this prompt is, I was doing randoms…


If I could have a robot to take over any task that I despise, which one would I choose?


Well, I don’t particularly relish cleaning out the cars or mowing the lawn, but I get paid for that so it’s fine.

There are only a few other chores I can think of: drying dishes, cleaning bathroom, weeding, vacuuming.

Dishes, bathroom, and weeding are monotonous but can pepped up by listening to music or watching TV shows on a mobile device at the same time or something, so in the end they’re just necessary evils.

But vacuuming.


If there was an option to pause the universe, remove the option for doing something and eliminate. the need to do it in the first place, I would stop everything and get that outta here ASAP.

No pun intended, vacuuming sucks. It is the most boring, tedious, horrible task one can do, and it requires some measure of quality control and brain usage. See, I hate tedious things, but I don’t mind tedious things that I can not pay attention to and think about stuff that doesn’t kill my brain cells. Vacuuming is one of those yucky tasks that requires thought process to accomplish, so my brain is chained to my body, and my body is chained to the tortuous task of vacuuming.

But what is it that makes vacuuming so different from dish drying or weed pulling, you ask? Well, you can listen to music while you do those tasks. But not vacuuming. No, that would be too easy. The constant high pitched VROOOOOOM of the vacuum drowns out everything and one finds oneself trying to find the key in which the vacuuming cleaner hums in an attempt to not go insane listening to it. Actually, that might just be me, but hey.

I hate this chore so much that I always opt for the broom if it’s an option. And I despise carpets. In a practical sense they’re lovely and soft but the fact that they must be vacuumed irks me.

So yeah. I’d get me a robot who vacuums. If possible, a robot who SILENTLY vacuums would be absolutely lovely.


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Curly Hair: Results So Far

So, if you remember the post I made on curly hair a couple three days ago, you know I’ve been working to make my curly hair…..curly. Because I’ve been treating it like straight hair, it hasn’t really been curly. It’s just been a poof. A big, ugly, frizzy poof.

But I just got back from the hairdressers, and I got some long layers, and she diffused it, and my 3A curls. Look. Awesome.

My bangs make my facial expression on the picture look weird, lol, but there’s nothing I can really do about that. I’m growing them out and right now they’re in the awkward stage of too long to wear down and too short to pin up.

Anyway, I think all this effort has been worth it!

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Thank You Followers!

To everyone who’s following my blog: Thank you!

I’m not sure what sort of invaluable wisdom and incredible knowledge you expect me to impart, but I hope whatever I do produce meets your expectations.

There’s over 40 of you now- 40! I never expected that when I made this blog! I hope we reach 50 one of these days. :)

heart the first

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In response to this old daily prompt.

I hate it when people ask me, “what’s your favorite _____ ?”

I don’t really have favorites.

I mean, I do have a few. My favorite drink? Iced tea, no sugar or lemon (ick). Favorite guitar? Framus AK74. Favorite month? July. Number? 14. Style of music? Classic rock.

But in the long run? Nope, not really. See, here’s the thing: In the modern world, this one where we have so many of everything to choose from and so many good options for… well, pretty much anything, it’s hard to look at something and go, “Okay, that one thing is the best thing ever. We’ll pick it.”

Because, hey, what about the other ten equally awesome things that are coming along right behind that one? Are they any less worthy? Are they any less good? Are they somehow paling in comparison to their surprisingly similar counterparts?

Often times, for me at least, the answer is no, which leads one of two conclusions: Either there’s lots of things, which are good for different reasons, or I’m just too nice to play favorites. Both of these are viable answers.

I am a little too nice to play favorites. I usually end up feeling at though I’m, pardon my my French, screwing over the equally awesome things I didn’t pick as #1 in such a situation. But that’s not all of it. I actually do think there’s a lot of different awesome things, which are awesome for a lot of different reasons.

For example, let’s take the question: “What’s your favorite band?” What runs through my head when someone asks that:

Well, I’ve always loved Triumph, and Rik Emmett IS kinda sorta my guitar hero, but…. I also love Genesis about as much, and Phil Collins is one of the best drummers EVER. But Gil Moore of Triumph is ALSO a really good drummer. But there’s way more guitar work in Triumph’s stuff, and Genesis is more poppy and keys- but there’s not really any keys in Triumph stuff either! Ugh. Okay, okay, we’ll go with Triumph AND Genesis. Equally. But wait- what about all the other awesome bands and stuff? I also love Styx and Journey and REO Speedwagon, but right now I’m hooked on listening to Games People Play by the Alan Parson’s Project, but they’re not my favorite band. That’s not really my favorite song either. No, we’ll stick to Triumph and Genesis. But… what about Shooting Star?….. Hmm……

See what I mean? There’s just so much stuff out there that’s equally awesome for different reasons. A lot of times it’s just not possible to pick only one. For example, Operating systems. People freak out over OS wars ALL THE TIME. I mean, come on. Must they argue about something I can solve in about five minutes? Observe:

  • iOS: Made by Apple; which at the core is a good company with it’s share of lovers and haters. All hardware/software is identical, no matter the phone, with the exception of the iPhone 6 or 6+ size difference. Very much boxed in, which is good or bad depending on who you are. Expensive off contract (not that I’ve never seen worse) but often very very cheap ON contract (99 cents or free). Biggest app store/ecosystem, require iTunes, which can be a con if you don’t appreciate such software, but most do. Special charging ports, and iPhones get all the cool accessories. Seriously. All of them.
  • Android: Made by Google; which at the core is a good company, with its’ share of lovers and haters. All phones are different; all software is different, you can find pretty much anything you want. These phones are completely customizable, they can be made to do virtually anything. Universal charging ports, and a few of the good accessories if it’s a flagship phone model. Every company makes one just about, all price levels- they go from dirt cheap to crazy expensive. Definitely NOT boxed in at ALL.
  • Windows Phone: Made by Microsoft; which at the core is a good company with it’s share of lovers and haters. All software is the same, but hardware varies between hardware back, home, and search buttons, and the on screen versions; some of them have dedicated camera buttons and some don’t. Each of the Nokia Lumia models has a different kind of hardware but the same overarching theme; no one else really makes windows phones except HTC, and theirs, I hear, has lovely hardware which is not quite up to the build standards of Nokia. Universal charging ports, range from el-cheapo to holy-crap-that’s-more-than-my-rent, and somewhere in the middle ground of its’ older siblings: Not entirely boxed in, but definitely has a mostly invisible electric fence keeping you from straying very far. Smallest app store, though that’s changing, and smallest demographic. These phones NEVER EVER get cool accessories. Seriously. Never.

See how easy that was? W’ve just established the fact that all these OSes are equally nice depending on who you are, and just because it doesn;t work for you personally doesn’t make it a bad OS, so now these are all equal. We can agree that arguments about which one is the universal best, the favorite, if you will, are pointless since they’re all best at some things and worst at others.

Better is relative, everything is good for something, and if nothing else, at least you now know I don’t pick favorite blogs, lol.

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It’s been awhile

I guess you know that it’s a new theme around here…. right? Well, I changed the theme one day on my tablet because we’d had the old one for a very long time. I was about to make a post, but then I remembered how unintelligent it is for someone like me to try to write something like that on a virtual keyboard, lol, and intended to do it later on my laptop. Which promptly died, lol. Anyway, I have a new laptop now, and I’d like to review that later by the way, but I think I’m back now. I think. :)

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Curly Hair

My dad has curly hair.

He didn’t always though, I’ve seen his “little boy” pictures, lol, and it’s straight as a stick. But now, it’s curly.

And you know something? I’v seen MY little girl pictures too, and I appear to have straight hair. BUT.

NOW, it’s curly.

I don’t know why I never considered, before this week, that I might have curly hair. I guess it’s because it’s never looked like it was curly. It was just a… a… poof. A big, ugly, poof, and I hated it. Still hate it, actually, because I haven’t gotten away from it yet, but by George, I’m going to!

See, curly hair cannot be cared for like straight hair. If you do that, you will damage it, and at some point it will not have the wherewithal to curl at all. But, since it’s intrinsically curly, you’ll still have a healthy dose of frizz all over the place (which I’ve always had). And thanks to trying to treat it as if it was straight, you get tons of broken ends too. And did I mention the frizz?

I was watching videos on this lovely girl’s channel and just sorta realized it all at once: I’ve had curly hair for heaven knows how long and had no idea because it’s too screwed up to curl. This, of course, needs to be remedied. I’ve been looking for a quick easy way to get nice looking hair- having naturally curly hair is the obvious solution, right? :p

So what do I have to do to fix this? Well, first I need to stop using sulfates or silicone on my hair. Basically, sulfates are REALLY harsh soaps also in hand soap, dish-washing liquid, laundry detergent, etc. It’s okay for straight hair, but it removes a natural oil called Sebum produced by your hair, which is something curly hair NEEDS. Silicones are in pretty much every other hair product including conditioners, sprays, gels, etc, and are not water soluble- they cannot be removed with water. Only with- you guessed it- sulfates. And since we can’t use sulfates, it would build up in your hair and make it greasy and heavy. Who wants that? No one, not me anyway, so I’ll be shopping for sulfate and silicone free stuff tomorrow.

Another thing I just learned: One does NOT EVER brush curly hair dry. Only when in the shower and it’s good and wet, because curls are formed by clumps of like hairs. When you use a brush on them, they are separated individually, and laying all on top of one another they create… you guessed it… FRIZZ. Crazy frizz. So yeah, curly hair, if properly cared for, doesn’t get tangly like straight hair does, so you don’t NEED to brush it every day. I know I know, that sounds odd but… it’s true.

When you do brush it in the shower it’s best to use a shower comb, not a brush, since they have very wide teeth. Very frizz lessening.

You should either have a satiny pillow case or hat or both, for at night, and if it’s a pillow case, putting your hair up on top of your head by flipping it upside down like you’re going to do a pony tail and not pulling through all the way so it’s a big bubble keeps your curls from getting smushed. Satin and it’s equally smooth counterparts are smoother than cotton, so rubbing against it doesn’t cause broken ends or frizz.

Moisture! Curly hair is VERY dry, so good moisture- weekly deep conditions, and daily leave in conditioner. Many use a natural, pure oil like Coconut oil to seal in the moisture (since oil and water don’t mix, it seals in the water).

Scrunch when wet! Flip all your hair over one shoulder and put you hand under your curls. Cup you hand under your hair and push it to the top, scrunch it really hard (you should hear a squishy sound) and let it go. Repeat like a mad person, then flip over the over shoulder, repeat, flip your head upside down, repeat, and do it all again. This helps your curls to form.

And finally, heat styling needs to be cut to a minimum. That means no straightening! And when blow-drying, to it on a cool low setting with a good diffuser.

That sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it? Well, it is, but I’m willing to try it if it gives me something to love about my hair!

I suspect my hair will eventually “heal” to look something like the one on the left, 3A:

Type 3 Hair

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